Raw Data Results
Drops, Trials, Bonus
Raw Ouput:


Enter the data in rows of Drops, Samplesize, and Item Find. For example, suppose two trials are run. In the first, in 50 trials 10 items dropped, and the item find was +110%. In the second, 20 items drop in 30 trials, with 200% item drop. Then the raw data would look like this:

    			10  50  110
    			20  30  200
Any character other than a numeral or decimal is ignored in parsing the data.

Interpreting results

The charts above give the belief we should have in various possible base rates. Any rate below a threshold of .1% belief is just ignored -- you'll find that with a reasonable amount of data only a few values will be above threshold. Pinning something down to about 95% certainty is the standard we tend to use to put something on the wiki as the 'correct' value!

All of this assumes an integer base rate -- that's known to be true for non-conditional drops. Very low drop rates of < 1% must always be conditional, so this tool does not help in figuring them out.