Raw Data Model It! Results
[{"monsters":[1,1,1], "stream":[0, 1, 0, 2]}]

Possible rejection types for trailed monster


This is a tool for comparing possible models of olfaciton-like effects.

Assign an index to each regular monster, with the monster being trailed having index 0.

In the left-most text area, enter the raw data. It will be an array of objects; one object for each data set. Objects have two fields: "monster" is a list of how many copies of each monster are normally in the zone, and "stream" is an ordered list of which monsters you encountered in regular combat.

Optionally, you can investigate nonstandard rejection rates for the trailed monster; add a description and rate to the middle textbox.

Here are the original coffeescript files: Qcalc.coffee.